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A Positive Aura with Natural Dhoop Batti

Incense sticks are a common part of almost every Indian home. They spread a wave of positivity around the home. While they help in your refreshment, they are also responsible for preventing the entry of pests and insects in your home. Even if these tiny creatures enter your home, they will try to escape and find a way out of your home. If you are wondering if this possible, let’s tell you that this is possible with organic dhoop batti. Cow and its products have a major role in boosting our immunity and ensuring our well-being with good health.

Dhoop batti 

Cow dung has antiseptic and purifying properties. It serves many other purposes in our everyday lives. One prominent use of cow dung is in the making of the Dhoop batti. There is a substantial amount of oxygen produced upon pouring cow ghee on burning dry cow dung. This helps to effectively fight pollution in the environment changing it into a liveable or a pleasant one. The natural dhoop batti sticks spread a different aroma in the surroundings. Made from Desi cow dung & ghee, these sticks are free from any kind of chemicals. It not only creates a positive aura but also cleanses the environment. Undoubtedly, it drives the mosquitoes away.


One of the promising dhoop batti benefits is that the ash produced from these sticks have anti-septic properties. You can use the ash to protect the plants from the attack of the pests & the insects. It produces zero wastage and nothing to dispose off. For every by-product that these sticks produce, there’s a possibility of reuse. So, they have exceptional, yet promising benefits that one cannot miss out on. It provides an environment of ultimate purity. They provide a healthy way to deal with these situations.

Therapeutic benefits 

Apart from these properties, dhoop batti sticks offer ample of therapeutic or medicinal benefits. They have the potential to heal insomnia, digestive problems, headaches, bronchitis, asthma, anxiety, etc. The organic dhoop batti ingredients ensure that these conditions cure because of the aroma of the sticks. To put simply, it is a form of aromatherapy. They boost your concentration and focus because of which they are an integral part of our lives. The sticks can also kill the virus and the bacteria to provide fresh air. They are a great alternative to chemical repellents that come with so many associated risks.

A wide range 

You can choose dhoop batti sticks from a range of fragrances that are available in the market. These organic sticks offer a soothing effect without any possible risks or complications. Other repellents or scented artificial risks in the market are harmful to human health and may cause certain diseases. The natural dhoop batti is a redeveloped concept of the olden era. Because of the presence of ghee, they create a phenomenal aura in the house and yagna scents.