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Terms & Conditions (Oxygen Yoga)

Terms of Service

Vedamrita.com (“Vedamrita Care Private Limited”, “Vedamrita Care Pvt. Ltd.”, “Vedamrita”) only platform provider for yoga classes hereinafter later known as Party 1.

User (“You”, “Your”, “Users”) or anyone who is using or benefiting from online yoga class hereinafter later known as Party 2.

Any Yoga Trainer/Instructor/Therapist/Teacher/Guru anyone who is conducting yoga class online using technical platform provided by party 1 hereinafter later known as Party 3.
Following are terms of service to use the online yoga classes service of party 1:
Party 2 give his content out of his or her free will without any undue pressure to join this online yoga class conducted by party 3 using the platform of party 1.
Party 2 understand that Party 1 is only a platform provider not a direct service provider.
Party 1 is not providing any yoga therapy service to party 2 online.
Party 2 also understand that party 3 is using platform provided by party 1 to conduct yoga class of party 3 to for the party 2.
Party 2 Understands that payment made to party 1 will be the payment for using platform of party 1 and the service provided by party 3 incl. GST and any other tax as Notified by Indian Government or any competent Authority.
Party 2 understand that online yoga classes can’t replace the value of offline yoga class under the expert’s guidance and understands the limitation of online yoga classes.
Party 2 understands that online yoga class is conducted between party 3 and party 2 using platform provided by party 1.
Party 2 understands that Party 1 is not responsible for any legal or punitive damages for any medical or non-medical complication that arises due to yoga classes online because party 1 is only platform provider.
Party 1 and Party 3 are conducting classes in good faith for recovery of patients and thereby shall not be liable legally. Party 2 declares that he/she is a Covid patient and thereby willingly taking yoga classes for speedy recovery along with availing all the medical facilities. Party 2 is seeking help of party 3 by a platform provided by party 1 and agrees with all the possible risk regarding his/her illness. Party 2 hereby frees party 1 and party 3 from all the legal proceedings regarding it. No claim shall be maintainable in any court of law.

I have read all the terms and conditions and agree with them in my full conscience.