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Online YCB Crash Course


Online YCB Crash Course By Impassive Yoga Society & Vedamrita Care.

About Online 7 Days YCB Crash Course. 

A Complete Course for LEVEL-1, LEVEL-2, LEVEL-3

      Yoga Certification Board is established for certification of Yoga professionals and
accreditation of Yoga Institutions, prescribing syllabus for various levels of Yoga trainers, and other such activities that may be considered necessary for the Promotion of Yoga Professional assessment of these service providers is carried out to certify the competencies so that the service user is assured of the skill sets possessed by the trainer.


1 Introduction to Yoga and Yogic Practices
2 Introduction to Yoga Texts
3 Yoga for Health Promotion


1 Introduction to Yoga and Yogic Practices
2 Introduction to Yoga Texts
3 Yoga for wellness


1. Foundation of Yoga
2 Introduction to Yoga Texts
3 Yoga And Health
4 Applied Yoga

You Will get-

Yoga Notes

Yoga Quizzes

Live Lectures on All Ycb syllabus.

A Complete Strategy to Crash Course.

According to Guruji Shubham Barwala Ji, we are open to deeper spiritual study and respect for what is being studied and whoever is teaching us this wonderful science of yoga.

Guruji Neeraj Ji from his personal experience says that he spent several years of his life exploring a wide variety of yoga ashrams all over India and realizes that being a good yoga student means that you possess an attitude that yoga is non-comparative and non-competitive.


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